Who is ChemBrows for ?

Chembrows is for scientists in both academia and industry who want to stay up-to-date with the latest published research in chemistry.


Why is ChemBrows useful to me ?

ChemBrows helps you to tame the flood of literature (+ 230k articles were published in 2014).
With advanced features such as powerful searching tools and machine learning, you can easily follow your favorites journals, topics and authors.


Is it free ?

Yes, and it always will be. Chembrows is an open tool that is dedicated to the scientific community and was created without commercial purposes. The source code is freely available on our GitHub repository.


Does ChemBrows collect personnal information ?

Only your email address, which will ONLY be used to provide you with news about ChemBrows.


Are contributions accepted ?

Of course ! ChemBrows is an open-source software. You can use our GitHub repository to report an issue or request a feature. If you are a developer, pull requests are welcome.

If you do not have a GitHub account, you can also contact us through the Contact form.

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